Milk-V Jupiter: RISC-V PC for Everyone



Looks interesting!
When can we expect to know more about it?

2024-04-11 on the Official twitter for MilkV there was an image of a ESWIN development board.

Then 2024-04-12 on the Official twitter for MilkV there was a video showing a the same board in action - a ESWIN EIC7700, 4x P550 from SiFive, ImaginationTech ( AXM-8-256 ) GPU, 10 Tops NPU, PCIe, SATA. The Big Buck Bunny video is playing, someone is actively playing SuperTuxKart, with htop showing resource usage (~56% CPU, ~1GB out of 16GB RAM) and a web browser is open in the wayland windows manager.

So I am going connect the dots and guess that the Milk-V Jupiter is probably going to be based around one of the ESWIN RISC-V SoC’s (I could be wrong).

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