Program the RTOS core

Hi all.

I have a nice and shiny DUO and have success programming the linux core. I sem to be unable to find documentation/help on how to program the RTOS core.

Can any of you point me to some resources, tutorials, blogs, e.t.c. that can help he programming the RTOS core with my own application?


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Actually, from here.

Thank you. That link shows me how to send data to the RTOS core from a linux application running on the big core. However, I dont quite see how I build and flash my own RTOS application from that example.

Can you help me understand how I write my own RTOS application and flash/upload it to the little core?

Actually, I want the little core to sample a signal on an IO pin and make the frequencey of that signal avaliable in a mailbox.

The FreeRTOS application which is included in the default image and mentioned there is located within the buildroot project for compiling images for Milk-V Duo boards, you can get it from GitHub.

In the appendix of the article linked above it is mentioned where you can find the FreeRTOS application sources within the buildroot project.

One more thing: you don’t need to reflash the whole image. In case of a TF, you only replace the fip.bin file on the boot partition and restart your Duo board with this new sd.bin (first core) + fip.bin (secondary) pair. (I suppose there might be a way of restarting the secondary core and the 80c51 core without any reboots, but I never tried it yet.)

Try reading Blink LED on FreeRTOS as well.