Repo with precompiled packages for Milk-V Duo?

I have been using duo-buildroot-sdk now quite often to fine-tune my disk image to deploy, and I realized it would be more efficient to provide a repo with precompiled packages and add and remove those individually, instead to run make menuconfig and all those steps.

  • opkg: my first thought would be to pseudo select a single package, build it, and then make a snapshot of output/milkv_duo_musl_riscv64/target/ and feed the “new” files into .ipkg, then clean up output/milkv…/target/ again, repeat with next package - based on how making ipkg
  • Debian/riscv64 and try to get apt/aptitude/dpkg work with low memory usage
  • Fedora/riscv64, see this repo: GitHub - chainsx/fedora-riscv-builder first steps taken, perhaps rpm could be used separately?
  • Update: ArchLinux as posted here in this forum

Any thoughts & comments welcome.

PS: I started to write my own notes on Milk-V Duo here.