Ubuntu on the milk-v duo

Hello everybody, this is my first post here and i’ll leave a link to my github where i explain how i got ubuntu working on the milk-v duo with a guide:

it’s subject to changes since i just got this working, but please leave feedback


I can’t imagine only 19MB ram is required to run Ubuntu. Great work!

We will introduce a 256MB ram version Duo version with will allow more heavier applications to run.


oh my, that’s great! any timeline of when it will be out?

I think it will be available in two weeks.


Thanks a lot for the guide!

I made again a disk image with more additions (see Persistent RNDIS MAC addresses - Solution · Issue #27 · milkv-duo/duo-buildroot-sdk · GitHub) so one can login via virtual Ethernet over USB again: https://xyzdims.com/3d-printers/misc-hardware-notes/iot-milk-v-duo-risc-v-esbc-running-linux/#Ubuntu_Disk_Image

Also documented most of the changes I made to your guide, in case you like to adapt some of them.

How well does apt work for you? When I install new packages, it takes 4+ mins due the “Building dependency tree…” using up all RAM + swap.

Also, zram seems to require linux-headers/modules in order to work.

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hi, zram worked for me, i enabled it in the buildroot kernel config as shown on the guide then all i had to do was install zram-config, enable it with sudo systemctl enable zram-config and reboot.

Ah, redid build_milkv.sh with rm -rf build/output first again, now it worked.

systemctl status zram-config excerpt:

Sep 19 16:57:12 milkv-duo init-zram-swapping[255]: Setting up swapspace version 1, size = **27.5 MiB (28811264 bytes)**

apt is still very slow, same for you @treble?

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that’s great! yeah APT is also slow on my end when it’s building the dependency tree

Hi @treble, please could you provide a link to the guide you used to enable zram (in the Linux kernel) or elaborate further?

hi, there’s a few comments in the guide i wrote that show you how to do that :

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any news in regards to this?