Zephyr OS running on the small core

Here’s a blinky app for the small core using Zephyr OS: GitHub - kinsamanka/milkv-zephyros: Zephyr OS running on Milk-V Duo secondary processor

A pre-compiled binary is available here.

Make sure to use the latest Arduino image in order to run this binary.

To test, just copy zephyr.elf to /lib/firmware directory and issue the following commands:

echo stop > /sys/class/remoteproc/remoteproc0/state
echo -n zephyr.elf > /sys/class/remoteproc/remoteproc0/firmware
echo start > /sys/class/remoteproc/remoteproc0/state

If successful, the onboard led will blink and the uart4 tx (pin 4) will print the current led state.



This looks interesting, thank you for sharing

thank you for sharing

This is what I was waiting for! Thank you so much for sharing!

The small core can now communicate using the rpmsg framework.

The sample code can be found under the openamp directory. This is a modified version of the zephyr ipc sample.

Note that this example needs updated kernel modules. The sources can be found here.

A pre-build sd image is available here.